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3rd JanDisciplinary Actions

Please find clarification below on the 3 disciplinary actions we have available for dealing with players during and on the day of the game and for dealing with supporters/coaches. Umpire abuse from a spectator/coach is suitable for a disrepute form:
• Red Card – This is not necessarily an option for dealing with dissent and abuse towards umpires, however it can be used for violent conduct etc. A Red Card may only be issued for an offence or other misconduct committed during a match, by a player

• Match Day Misconduct Offence – A matchday misconduct offence is committed when at any time during the day of a match, but excluding the duration of the actual match, a person due to participate in or who has participated in the match, behaves in such a way that one of the match umpires decides that they

i) would have issued a red card had such misconduct occurred during the match and
ii) should be reported for an MMO. The umpire must inform the offender on the day of the match and as far as reasonably possible the umpire should also inform a representative of the affiliated body of the player concerned (i.e. the club). If the situation for which the MMO is being issued means it is not safe for the player to be informed or if the player has left, it is acceptable in these circumstances to inform the Captain of the player involved. The MMO replaces the old procedure which may be familiar to some of our older umpires where red cards could be issued in the clubhouse afterwards

• A Disrepute Report – A disrepute report is completed where there is conduct by an individual or an affiliated body at any time that is prejudicial to the EH Code of Ethics and Behaviour or is otherwise liable to cause the sport of hockey to be brought into disrepute. In reality this means actions outside the red card or MMO which are under the jurisdiction of the umpire. Any individual who has the endorsement of an affiliated body (e.g. LCHUA/Club) may complete a form. An affiliated body can also originate a disrepute report. A disrepute report form has to be completed before any further procedures can be followed

PLEASE NOTE - In the case of both a red card and an MMO the player concerned is subject to an immediate mandatory 16 day suspension from the date of the offence. Should the same player receive more than one red card in any single season the mandatory suspension is increased to 32 days. An un-registered umpire is not allowed to issue an MMO, if in her or his opinion such misconduct has occurred than a disrepute form must be considered. An umpire is registered if their annual membership subscriptions have been paid to their Umpiring Association.

2nd JanCommittee Meeting

The Minutes from the Committee Meeting held on Monday 11th December 2017 are now available to view on the website

28th Dec (2017)L1 Assessments

Just a reminder re Level 1 Assessments. Should you be a L1 Unassessed or Club Unassessed Umpire and you wish to be assessed to become a full Level 1 Umpire, please contact your clubs ULO, who will then need to contact LCHUA Chief Coach Yvonne McCartney, to arrange the assessment.

Many Thanks
LCHUA Secretary

24th Dec (2017)Merry Christmas!

On behalf of all of the LCHUA Committee we wish all of our members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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