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Annual General Meetings
2017 AGM Minutes19th Sep 2017
2016 AGM Minutes24th Sep 2017
2015 AGM Minutes12th May 2016
2018 AGM Agenda25th May 2018
How to get around the web site25th Feb 2015
Add availibility25th Feb 2015
Description of LCHUA Awards26th Aug 2018
Association Rules
Constitution 201713th Jul 2017
Social Media Policy25th Feb 2015
Insurance Summary25th Feb 2015

The full policy document can be sent on request

Outdoor Rules20th Feb 2016
Indoor Rules20th Feb 2016
In2 Hockey25th Feb 2015
Rule Amendment - 23m Attacking Free-hits26th Feb 2016
Umpire Guidance
Pre Match Chat20th Feb 2016
Player Management/ Control Ladder25th Feb 2015
Suspended Players25th Feb 2015
Umpire Fitness25th Feb 2015
Umpiring with Mics/Radios25th Feb 2015
Umpires Briefing25th Feb 2015
Red Card/MMO Form6th Mar 2018
Red Card Form Guidance25th Feb 2015
Disrepute Form25th Feb 2015
Red Card and MMO Regulations16th Dec 2017
Social Media25th Feb 2015
Ethics and Safeguarding
Code of Ethics General25th Feb 2015
EH Transgender Policy19th Sep 2017
Code of Ethics Players25th Feb 2015
Code of Ethics Young People25th Feb 2015
Code of Ethics Clubs25th Feb 2015
Code of Ethics Coaches25th Feb 2015
Code of Ethics Spectators25th Feb 2015
Code of Ethics Umpires25th Feb 2015
Code of Ethics Medical25th Feb 2015
Working with Young Umpires11th Apr 2017
Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy16th Dec 2017
Think before you post25th Feb 2015
Umpire Development
Umpire Pathway25th Feb 2015
Level 1 Umpire course Info26th Feb 2015
Parental consent form25th Feb 2015
Level 1 assessment - guidance for assessors20th Feb 2016
Level 1 Assessment form20th Feb 2016
Level 1 Indoor Guidance25th Feb 2015
Level 1 Indoor Registation Form26th Feb 2015
Umpire Developer/Coach Aids
Umpire Developer (L1 umpire coach) Form26th Feb 2015
Umpire Developer Pathway19th Sep 2017
Umpire Coach Log book26th Feb 2015

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